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                More to go as leaner Ovato focuses on print

                Jun 16, 2021 at 11:10 am by admin

                With its renewed focus on print, Ovato’s new chief executive James Hannan is starting with a clean slate for the heatset printers restructure.

                Trade publication Sprinter has reported that five more members of its senior management team including Craig Dunsford are set to follow Kevin Slaven out the door.

                The company confirmed the changes “in the coming weeks and months”.

                Dunsford (pictured during a tour of the Warwick Farm factory) was general manager of Offset Alpine Printing prior to taking the top job at IPMG, and is currently publishing lead at Ovato Marketing Communications.

                Slaven, previously Ovato’s chief executive, is due to leave the company by June 30. Hannan confirmed the departures to Sprinter, adding that the changes “focus Ovato on its strengths as a printer.

                “As a result, our corporate team will be leaner and more focused on our print operations.”

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