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                NZTV focusses on print museum¡¯s plight

                May 10, 2021 at 12:59 pm by admin

                A report on New Zealand’s TV1 focusses the plight of the country’s largest printing museum.

                Check the link for the coverage of a range of equipment – including some from the closed Melbourne Museum of Printing – currently stored in rented space and a WW2 bunker in Upper Hutt.

                Numerous presses and other equipment – including an English Albion used to print the Evening Post – are at risk if the Wellington Printing Museum does not find a home for them.


                Secretary Dan Tait-Jamieson tells reporter Cushla Norman that funding is new museum is “not a priority” for the city council.

                He says the collection is one of the biggest collections in the world – the biggest in Australasia and most likely the southern hemisphere.

                The risk is that the historic machinery – all of which works – might go for scrap, Tait-Jamieson recalling “fighting off scrap metal dealers” for equipment from the Melbourne museum.


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